Bulghar Pilaf. Garlic Kale & Chick Peas. Cottage Cheese & Fresh Pineapple
It's funny. Now when Monday rolls around the question on my son's mind is WHAT is for dinner THIS week?? He didn't try the kale dish or the cottage cheese, but he liked the bulghar. He is still not very daring in his food choices but he's doing much better. He informed me today that he's quitting pop. We'll see how long that lasts, but I did tell him that was a really great decision. Hopefully he'll stick with it!
Kale is my new favorite food discovery. Greens are a very good source of nutrients, especially if they are not boiled to death. I especially like to saute lots of garlic in olive oil and add the kale to wilt it. I don't overcook it. I like it with a bit of a 'bite'. As for the bulghar, it's one of my favorite grains. Bulghar is wheat, and comes in fine, medium, and coarse ground. I prefer the medium ground bulghar. It cooks up light and fluffy, but has a wonderful nuttiness to it. Adding sauteed mushrooms, onions, carrots, and celery makes for a really delicious pilaf. I like to add just a dash of soy sauce.

Oh yes, the above picture is served on my new 'smaller' dinner plate mentioned in the previous post. It really does look like an ample amount doesn't it? It's surprising how much less I put on the plate because it was smaller! The real test is in resisting second helpings! I did resist, and would say I had plenty to eat.
Just one more small step toward better health.


  1. using the old plates is a good idea. I always like using the old things that were passed on to me from my grandparents. Some of them are now passed on to my kids already, as they had need of them. I still have my grandma's hand mixer. It's not worth anything really - not an antique, etc. It looks like it came from the 60s or 70s. When my stand mixer wore out, I bought a few hand held ones which didn't last long. Then my mom passed on to me the one from my grandma, as she got a lot of her misc. kitchen things after she died. And this one has lasted us awhile. I think quality was better even in the 70s than it is today ...