Thoughtful Eating 101

It's not about deprivation or rules, but about being sensible.

I will be listing a lot of recipes and practical ways to look at eating in a more balanced, sensible way. I guess you could call it "common sense eating". These are the areas that I plan to blog about and hopefully you'll find something useful for your own life!

Eat Fewer Animal Products
Eat Beans
Eat All the Plants You Can Manage
Whole Grains Instead Of Refined Carbs
Embrace Olive Oil
Sustainable Farming
Eating Locally & Seasonally

I haven't quite decided which area I'll tackle first, but at least you know what to expect! The easiest, and surest way to improve your health is for you to adjust your eating habits. Not dieting, but returning to a saner way of eating. Changing our focus to a more traditional way of eating. A shift in the 'style' of eating. I'm not really sure if I think any one of these topics is more important than another, so I'll just decide which one tickles my fancy at the moment and start there!

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