Asparagus & Chive Season

I haven't been very good at keeping up the blog lately. I usually at least post on Meatless Monday, but this week, our monday menu was just left-overs and it didn't seem like anything to blog about!!

I'm a member of The Food Network on facebook and each week on Friday they post the same question : What are you cooking this weekend? I look forward to reading the 'hundreds' of answers, and sometimes wonder if people just write something to impress, because it doesn't seem like some of the answers are very reasonable! But, this week was different. The posts were all very down-to-earth recipes and I get ideas for the weeks' menu by reading them.

On Friday we always plan our next week's menu and grocery list. This weekend we have a wedding to go to on Saturday so I probably won't be cooking that day. On Sunday I'm making paella!!! I'm so excited, because I haven't had a pan to cook it in for a few years after I had to get rid of the old one. I now have a nice big pan to make it in! It's one of my FAVORITE recipes. I'll take pictures and post them after the weekend and share the recipe I have.

I'm also making 6-week muffins. You know the ones. They make a huge batch and you bake a dozen and put the remaining batter in the fridge where it keeps for 6 weeks! They are so delicious and you can have fresh warm muffins when you want them! I make some in my large muffins pans for a breakfast treat, and also some in my mini muffin pans for tea and coffee breaks.

What are we eating this week? Meatless Monday: zucchini casserole. The rest of the week: cipotle beans, spanish rice, homemade tortillas (we have this almost weekly), mushroom barley soup, and the ever abundant asparagus. I'm getting some prosciuitto to wrap the asparagus in before grilling them. Since we have so much right now, I'm also going to do a creamed asparagus to eat over baked potatoes with lots of chive clippings from the beautiful chives in my herb pot.


  1. I don't know.

    I've had a bad cold this past week and haven't had much energy for cooking. Now that I'm feeling better I feel like I should make something. But I don't know what.

    I do have eggs in the fridge- maybe I'll make deviled eggs?

  2. paella - never even heard of it. you are a good guru. or maybe i am a food moron. ha ha!

  3. ok - I googled paella. do you make it the authentic way, toasting the rice in the pan first, etc? if so, I am impressed with your culinary skills. :D

  4. Paella!! YES of course I do it the authentic way!! The only thing I don't have is a REAL paella pan! I want one so bad though. Yes, the rice is toasted..and I'm telling you, as it cooks..it forms a bit of a crust on the bottom that is SO delicious..it's seriously akin to candy!! I use chorizo, ham, chicken pieces, and shrimp in mine. I'd like to add other seafood sometime...like clams. It's quite a production but well worth it in taste.
    I like that you think I am a 'good' guru! lol
    And you are not a food moron! Well, maybe just a little! hahah
    Oh! and Lydia..I love deviled eggs! I rarely make them but the kids love it when I do.