Cinco de MARCO!!!

Charlene with some of the nieces

In our family, the 5th of May is Cinco de MARCO!! Let me explain!

My brother Lamont's wife Charlene, is from Canada. You wouldn't think there would be a lot of differences but there are. There are a lot of words that they use that we have never heard of, and when Char says something that we think is funny, my brother gets on the phone right away and calls to tell me and we laugh and laugh. Being with Lamont and Char is always lot of fun and laughing...sometimes at her expense, but she knows we love her. In fact, I consider her a sister...I will miss them soo very much when they move to Phoenix this month. We have wonderful memories of times together. I'm sad to see them go.

Their daughter, Julia, was born on the 5th of May and Lamont was mentioning the fact that she was born on Cinco de Mayo to Char, when she said "what's Cinco de MARCO??". Well, of course, he played along and aswered her with this explanation. "In Mexico, there is a holiday on the 5th of May for all families who have children born on that day who were named 'Marco'...thus..Cinco de Marco"...and she fell for it!!!! Well, he got on the phone right away and told me and I think that I laughed harder at that than anything before!! It was soooo hilarious!!! SO...of course, being the teases that we are...it's always Cinco de Marco day in our family.

I'm smelling my pinto beans cooking, thinking about making tortillas, and realizing that in just a few weeks, they will be moving to Arizona and couldn't help posting this funny story.

So..what are YOU eating for Cinco de 'Marco'???

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