I'm planning a post about picnic food. I would love to hear what you like to eat on a picnic, your picnic memories, or funny picnic stories! I'll post about picnics later this week after I've had a chance to read your posts.


  1. I haven't been on a picnic for at least 20 years. The only thing I remember about it is shopping for picnic supplies with my mom ahead of time.

    She explained how much cheaper it was for us to have a picnic on our day trip into the mountains (we lived in Wyoming at the time) than it was to stop at a restaurant.

    I thought she was pulling a fast one on me. I'd never heard of anyone else eating food outside on a blanket before and thought it was the weirdest thing ever. :P

  2. My favorite picnic will be this fall, with wine and cheese and fresh fruit from the fruit trees in my yard and my friends' yards, fresh figs from trees in my friends' yard, and relaxing in the park in mildly warm high 70's no humidity, watching the OSU football game on TV where everyone is bundled up in layers as it snows. Ahhhhh - that's a picnic!!

  3. Lamont..you are such a downer! I don't like figs.

  4. Lydia - I had no idea you thought I made that up!