Autumn In Ohio

I have been neglectful in updating this blog. I find it disappointing to check on blogs that I follow and find nothing new written. I'm not even sure I have a valid excuse. I will say that having my mother in law here for 2 weeks was emotionally draining for me and I didn't do much but breathe!

I have all my canning done and Richard harvested the last of our potatoes and beets from the garden this weekend. I had stomach flu all weekend and finally this afternoon I think I'm feeling like I'm over it. We usually observe Meatless Monday but today I wanted nothing other than homemade chicken noodle soup! It's no fun being sick when the weather is amazing! It's been unbelievably beautiful here. Autumn is my favorite season and this one has not disappointed me in any way!

We are planning on breaking out our cast iron soup pot this weekend when we have some friends over for a cook out over the fire. If the weather permits, we'll sit outdoors by the fire as the soup cooks. Today as I was thinking about cooking the soup and also the fact that I had not blogged in a while, I decided to do something fun (at least I think it will be ) and make a menu for our meals next week entirely from the Simply In Season cookbook. I've mentioned this book before. It is truly my favorite of all time. I only have a few that I consider indespensable and this is one. It should provide lots of fun pictures and blogging!

I don't usually get many comments on this blog, but if you do read this, I'd love to know what some of your favorite 'Autumn Season' food is? 


  1. I read once that, on average, only a few percent of the people who read a blog will actually comment on it.

    I don't know if it's true, but it makes me feel better when I post something and get little or no response to it!

    My favourite Autumn foods: apple cider, pumpkin pie and hearty stews (or chilli - it doesn't matter what is in them, really, there's just something about fall that requires warm food that makes you feel full for a long time!)

  2. I read both of your blogs all the time. so take heart, oh great bloggers! :D

  3. I think that is probably true. I have a huge list of blogs that I read and only comment on a few, so I should 'take heart' as Tammy said!! :)

    I wish you could be here, Lydia, and have some soup cooked over an open fire in our big cast iron soup pot while we are all bundled up in warm clothes and blankets..it's such fun!!!