This week Richard asked me to buy raisins because he was hungry for oatmeal raisin cookies. He has a sweet tooth that never seems to be satisfied!  We kept a very strict diet that last 6 months and until recently cookies were nowhere on the radar!  Occasionally, now, he will stop at his favorite donut shop and get one donut to have with his favorite cup of coffee, but it is a rare thing! 

Every evening we have a cup or two of hot tea - Earl Gray, Constant Comment Green, Jasmine Green, Stash Christmas Spice - our current choices.  One small cookie and a cup of tea are a perfect ending to a day! Today our granddaughter, Paige, came to help me decorate for Christmas and make a few crafts.  We decorated the tree and put up a lot of festive touches but I still have a lot to do to finish. While we were working, Richard made the cookies!

Here are the finished cookies! Pretty nice!

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